News 14 October 2017

AlphaPlus: The World’s First Algo Fund For The Retail Investor

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  • What Is AlphaPlus? AlphaPlus is a long/ short tactical Algo Strategies Fund trading in Global Equities and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) using Signals Generated by its Proprietary Quantamental Trading System – A State Of The Art Human Genius + Algorithm System that has been back tested since 2012 and now produces an accuracy ratio of more than 80 percent per trade


  • ETFs have recorded year-to-date record inflows of $353 billion and the $4.5 trillion global ETF market has China in its sights. HSBC Holdings Plc estimates that as much as $500 billion could flow into China over the next five to 10 years after MSCI Inc said that it would include the nation’s stocks in its gauges from May 2018


  • Every Investor Wants To Profit From Price Action Before It Occurs: This is why the Financial Industry Has CFAs and Analysts housed in a Research Department. High Speed Computing has now Enabled Us To Be More Accurate With Our Predictions (More Than 80 percent)


  • The Age of Quantamental Investing Has Arrived: Nobody is 100 percent Accurate. What we are Saying is That Overall, using a Quantamental Algorithm System increases Profitable Trades dramatically thereby reducing unprofitable trades. Investors in the Fundamental Camp evaluate Investments based on Research and Instinct, with Humans Calling The Shots. Those in the Quantitative Camp turn to sophisticated computer Algorithms driven by Machine Learning, that search mountains of data for hidden signals and then make rapid-fire Investment decisions. A Middle Ground Has Finally Emerged. Our Quantitative Algorithm System is a combination of both Human Genius and Machine Learning


  • What Is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is an umbrella term for a computer program that can teach itself. Its power comes from its ability to “learn” the rules of whatever it is tasked without them being provided ahead of time. The best AI systems find rules and patterns that humans would miss by crunching huge amounts of data that would prove unwieldy for humans


  • To understand this concept better, think of a computer playing a game of chess. Chess is a finite world with a defined set of rules that a human can list for a computer ahead of time. Thre are a huge number of possible scenarios in a game of chess, but the number is finite and computer-crunchable


  • Artificial Intelligence Systems are not given the rules ahead of time. Instead of listing the riules of chess, a computer using AI would simply be told to watch a huge number of chess games being played and figure it out. After enough matches, the computer would learn the rules of the game and be able to go head to head with a human player


  • Artificial Intelligence In Finance: In the world of Finance, data points like shipping routes, weather and Investor sentiment can all affect the markets. A human could never program all the rules that affect the markets because those rules are hard to define and almost infinitely numerous. But, they could feed a computer a huge number of data points and tell the computer to figure it out. AI systems are coming into vogue now because the technology used to crunch these huge data has finally caught up with traders’ ambitions



  • How Is Our Proprietary Quantamental System Different From What Is In The Market?



  • The Blue Phoenix Financials Quantamental Trading System is a combination of  Human Genius + Algorithms + Quants giving Investors the Ultimate Analytics Mix Which Ensures That The Element Of Accuracy Does Not Fade Over Time Thus Creating Sustainable Profits


  • Neurological Research has shown that our Unconscious Brain is better than the best Computer. Money is an emotional thing and thus Investors, despite AI and Algorithms will always look for the human element in today’s volatile markets. The human element is the missing jigsaw piece that makes the difference between Accuracy that lasts for 12 months or as far as 5 years


  • AlphaPlus Will Utilize the Blue Phoenix Financials Quantamental Trading System to make decisions in the Buying and Selling of Global Equities (Including India) and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). The aim is to generate returns of at least 8 to 10 percent per year and include a critical mass by ensuring that the minimum investment amount is kept low (Minimum Amount: US$250K)