News 20 October 2017

Sun Tzu’s Art Of War Was Only A Rehearsal

  • A big Revolution is approaching the Corporate World. High Speed Computers running Algorithms driven by Artificial Intelligence are preparing to take on the World. With their Accuracy Ratio exceeding 80 percent, these mammoths together with Human Genius will change the face of Business as we know it


  • The Corporates of Tomorrow have to be equipped with cutting edge technology in order to create ideas that power the next phase of Business


  • Artificial Intelligence Is The Future And Its Already Here: Accenture, in a recent report, talks about the rise of AI as the new purveyor of UI and UX. The report warns that Developments such as autonomous vehicles and voice-activated home assistants are just early examples surfacing that suggest more screenless computing is on the horizon. 1) “In five years, more than half of your customers will select your services based on your AI instead of your traditional brand” 2) “In seven years, most interfaces will not have a screen and will be integrated into daily tasks.” 3) “In 10 years, digital assistants will be so pervasive they’ll keep employees productive 24/7/365, operating in the background for workplace interactions, like creating video summaries right after an important meeting” In the survey, 79% of executives agree that AI will help accelerate technology adoption throughout their organizations. In addition, 85% indicate they will invest extensively in AI-related technologies over the next three years


  • Financial Products Are History. Individual Trading Strategies Are Here To Stay: Throughout the years, banks have been giving the market meager returns of 5% to 10% per year on financial products that have huge, underlying, hidden risks as the Global Financial Crisis of 2009 showed. Banks promote structured products using European options and repeatedly the client loses money getting “knocked out” on the day of expiry


  • Individual Algo Generated Trades Are The Future Of Wealth Creation. We Are Here To Disrupt The EcoSystem. The newest frontier for Machine-Learning is in Trading, where it is used both to crunch market data and to select and trade portfolios of securities


  • Gregory Zuckerman Wall Street Journal: Quantitative investment firms are more prominent, and money is flowing to them. And for investors – and we’re talking about pension funds, insurance companies, charities – that are plowing money into them. As all of society is becoming more automated, as big data is embraced, left and right, as we all become a little bit overrun by all the data that’s thrown at us, it makes sense to shift to quantitative-type investors. And yet they are hard to figure out. They are black boxes. It’s not clear what their factors are, what the signals, as they call them, are that govern a lot of investing. So it does suggest that the markets are becoming much more complicated and harder for outsiders to analyze as quants become much more prominent on Wall Street


  • Quant hedge funds” are responsible for 27% of all U.S. stocks traded these days, just slightly behind individual investors at 29%, and now comfortably ahead of such trading by “other hedge funds” and traditional asset managers


  • The hedge fund model is under challenge,” billionaire investment guru Leon Cooperman said at the SkyBridge Alternatives Conference (aka Salt).  “It’s under assault.” Cooperman, a famous workaholic, even openly questioned whether it made sense for him to keep his fund open after some of his investors asked for their money to be returned to them


  • Every Investor on this planet wants to profit from the price action of a security before it happens. Nobody is 100 percent Accurate. What we are saying that Overall, using a Quantamental Algorithm System increases profitable trades dramatically thereby reducing Unprofitable trades


  • Investors in the Fundamental Camp evaluate investments based on research and instinct, with humans calling the shots. Those in the Quantitative Camp turn to sophisticated computer algorithms that search mountains of data for hidden signals and then make rapid-fire investment decisions. A Middle Ground has finally Emerged – Our Quantitative Algorithm System is a Combination of Both Human Genius and Machine Learning


  • Computers And Artificial Intelligence Alone Are Not Good Enough: Since the 1990’s the Black Box Model  sought to break down the DNA of the hedge fund manager’s trading — how he sizes up markets and generates ideas — to train a computer to do the same. This model’s accuracy did not last and, again and again, programmers had to feed in new types of data to mimic the changing price signals. While machine-learning algorithms and other technologies are indeed encroaching on work performed by money managers, traders and analysts, many firms are still working out the kinks


  • Algorithms Alone Do Not Have A Lasting Accuracy: While Algorithms are being taught to parse troves of data and identify patterns and relationships, to calculate, for example, the odds that Apple Inc. stock will rise a certain amount in coming weeks, or suggest when to load up on gold amid geopolitical upheaval, their Accuracy does not last about 12 months out. The average age of software in finance is about 38 years, according to technology tracker CB Insights. And data, the bedrock upon which AI is built, are often fragmented or inaccurate


  • “The No. 1 impediment is firms have legacy data systems, the wrong data and bad data,” said Dubno, a former technology chief at Goldman Sachs and in Bank of America Corp.’s global markets business. “The standard plight for many firms is that they’re stuck in a world where their data is stored all over the place.”


  • Machine learning is valuable for tasks such as fraud detection and credit-risk analysis, but adapting it to trade in rapidly evolving markets is difficult, according to Alexey Loganchuk, who places data scientists at hedge funds. “By the time you have enough data to build a complex model, the dynamics you are trying to capture have often changed,” he said


  • It’s hard to teach AI to take over sales, trading and investing roles, according to the Nomura Research Institute, which this year studied what it would take to apply natural-language processing to portfolio management


  • Automating traders who handle illiquid securities, for example in credit markets, can be especially challenging because so much of their job hinges on judgment, the idiosyncrasies of each trade and human interaction. Traders use data that aren’t standardized or work with clients to create bespoke contracts, such as for commercial mortgage-backed securities


  • The Future Is Here: With the arrival of Artificial Intelligence and High Speed Computing, firms relying on old-fashioned gut trading have been suffering from lackluster returns and investor withdrawals. Our Quantamental System has been back tested since 2012 and combines Human Genius with Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence and is ‘tuned’ weekly to take into account various scenarios such as Geopolitics, War, Credit and Stock market bubbles, Valuations, etc so that its Accuracy does not fade over time


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  • This Service is Cheaper Than Investing In A Hedge Fund: Hedge Funds Traditionally Charge 2% upfront and 20% of the profits. This service is cheaper than Investing in a Hedge Fund as you do not have to pay the 2/20 fees AND no matter how much profit you make per annum, your cost is FIXED at US$250,000 per year


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