As a former hedge fund manager with more than 25 years of experience, I am impressed by the quality and breadth of investment recommendations by Ashwin at Blue Phoenix Financials ‎(BPF). What makes BPF stand out from other investment advisors and websites is the accuracy and timing of its calls for Options, US stocks, Asian stocks, and FX. BPF has the best performance track record of all investment advisors/newsletters I have followed in the past year and is the only advisor I ‎would be happy to‎ recommend to Investors.

Angeline Ee, Private Trader/Former Hedge Fund Manager‎

I always go to your website to get the best investment ideas all condensed into one.
All asset classes are covered and i am able to do my investments with the utmost of confidence.
Website is well planned and user friendly.
Thanks Ashwin!

Lee Sulin, UOB

Blue Phoenix Financials has made me good money from its Sterling and Euro FX Strategies. As the market kept on climbing, Blue Phoenix Financials continued its Sell recommendation, enabling me to make good profits as both currencies dropped ultimately. This is the way financial websites should be, taking care of their subscribers’ interests and profits first, and then their own. This is a great system that becomes your ‘eyes and ears’ in the global financial markets and it covers all major asset classes including Bonds, ETFs and Options.

Puan Sri Sylvia Merican, Managing Director, Ultimate Health Sdn Bhd

Blue Phoenix Financials is the ‘Apple’ of financial websites: Clear, unbiased, in-depth and focused information that navigates you through the financial markets without all the ‘noise’ that usually follows. This has enabled me to improve my finances tremendously and made me much more aware and informed about what is going on

Wendy Kee, Account Director, Go React Pte Ltd

Blue Phoenix Financials lives up to its motto: Transparent, Accurate, Neutral. It really places its subscribers’ interests before anything else and this philosophy has enabled me to profit from some great trades in FX and Equities. Blue Phoenix Financials is a real game changer from what is available at the moment

Jacqueline Chin, Director, DataSynergo